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How to use the flight ticket search engine?

Using our airfare search engine is extremely easy. All you need to do is enter where you want to fly from and to. You do not need to know the name of the airport or its code. Enter the name of the city you want to fly from and the one you want to land in. When you enter the city, prompts will pop up below it and you can select from there as well. This way the search engine will show you the best airfare deals for all airports in those two cities. Check all the options and combine them so that you get the best price, time and flight conditions.

After entering the start and end point of your air travel, please select the dates. The start date is required. If you only want to search for one-way tickets, then select the “No return ticket required” option. It is located below the return date calendar. Large yellow caption. You can try several searches to find the best one for you according to price, flight duration, etc.

From the last box for passengers and flight type, you can choose whether you are looking for airline tickets for just you or if you will be traveling with someone. Whether the ticket should include children so that the search engine will show the correct price. By default, the search engine looks for economy class tickets, but you also have the option to select “business” if you want more amenities during your trip.

Search for airline tickets

When you have checked that all the fields are filled in, you can click the “Search Ticket” button, which will take you to a new search results window. There you have additional options, such as seeing prices in the next few days, and selecting a sort by the criteria you set.

For each result, there is detailed information about the flight, such as whether it includes baggage, in-flight meals, layovers, press passes and more.

Buy a airline ticket

When you’ve found a flight at the price you want, it’s important to click the “Buy” button. The search engine will then take you to the correct page on the airline’s website so you can get that exact price. IMPORTANT! If you search directly on the airline’s website, the price may be different.

If you have any questions or other difficulties with the search engine, feel free to contact us. Have a nice flight!

What is the difference between airfare search engine and that of the airlines?

Searching for airline tickets is not a complicated process, but if you check each company individually, it could take you a long time. Then again, it’s not certain that you’ll get the best price, as most airlines inflate prices for flights on their websites.’s airfare search engine uses a special algorithm to keep track of all flight prices, compare them and display them in an extremely short period of time. In under 30 seconds, you will have thousands of flights compared and only those that match your requirements entered into the search engine will be shown.

Almost all airline search engines look for airline tickets for flights offered only by themselves. In some cases also on airlines are their partners. Our airfare search engine searches all airlines and compares prices.

For example, the price for a ticket from Sofia to London on airline A’s website could be as low as €200 and that could be their best price. But airline B may offer prices of €30 and so you may not get a relevant (appropriate) result from searching for tickets on airline A’s website.

Why use an airline ticket search engine?

The airfare search engine does everything related to finding cheap flights and good airfare deals for you.

It compares the prices of thousands of airlines and airfare sites. It picks the best price and displays it at the top for you to see. All this in under 30 seconds, and it would take you several hours.

Saves you money on middleman fees. There are a lot of sites and companies that would find you airline tickets, but for a set fee, which is quite often not small. The airfare search engine is automated and does NOT add extra value to the price for airfare. Once it finds the best price it transfers you to the site where the information for your chosen flight was found.

The search engine combines the flights itself

Combine flights. If you want to fly to a more distant destination and not only that, but you just want to fly low fares. The airfare search engine makes a combination between different offers. This way it shows you the best one. So a connecting air ticket can cost you 10 times cheaper than a direct flight.

Search for airline tickets during the holidays!

For example, during the holidays, when all flights are at extremely high prices. You can choose a connecting flight with a layover of a few hours and the search engine will find you a discounted ticket. This way you will be able to get a cheap plane ticket in exchange for a few hours spent pleasantly at the airport.

Using the search engine is free and unlimited, everyone can take advantage of it to find bargain airline tickets! We don’t sell airline tickets, we just find the best prices for them. We compare all airlines to make sure we find the best deals on airline tickets for you.